*GASP*: Dad Told During Live Interview His Missing Son Was Found

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A man was recently told, live on the air, during an interview with Nancy Grace, that his missing son was found. Many people have been left doubting the authenticity of the claims as the boy – who was missing for 11 days – was found in his father’s basement.

After being told, the oddest look flushes over the man’s face as he obviously wasn’t expecting the news. The rest of the interview was spent huffing and puffing as the man “regained his composure.”

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Soon though, another video was released after he returned home where reporters were waiting for him and immediately started bombarding him with questions. Explaining that both he and his ex-wife searched the basement, as well as the FBI and local police force, he has no idea how the boy ended up here.

It just seems odd that after having searched so vigorously that his first priority was to finish all his interviews instead of seeking out his son immediately.

Feel free to watch both the Nancy Grace interview and the home interview and let us know what you think – fake or real?


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