DESPICABLE: Hotel Clerk Denies Veteran A Room, Calls Police On Him

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For many veterans who return home, their injuries and battle mementos can’t be seen by the naked eye. One such former soldier recently attempted to rent a room for two nights but after one little fact was divulged, the man was tossed from the motel before the police were ultimately called.

As it turns out, Former Army Sgt. Robert Price had with him an accompanying service dog named Walker. Price, over the years spent being bombed in the Middle East, had expectantly developed PTSD, a condition in which Walker was trained to assist with.


After seeing a sign reading “No Pets Allowed,” at the Budget Inn in Daytona Beach, FL, he alerted the motel staff, out of courtesy, that Walker would be staying with him. Despite the fact that Price is under no legal obligation to divulge Walker’s presence, since he’s not a pet but a necessary service dog, the conversation took a turn for the worse.

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The hotel clerk, Bina Patel, quickly told Price that he could not stay as they had a long standing no pets policy and would have to call the police if he did not leave immediately. Needless to say, as Price politely protested, Patel did call police accusing him of being an American criminal for having a pet on the premises.

However, when police arrived, they were on Price’s side, although despite their best attempts to educate Patel on the law, she adamantly refused the veteran a room nonetheless. Restoring a bit of faith in humanity, responding police officers drove Price from hotel to hotel in effort to find one that wasn’t completely booked.

According to TPNN, Price and Walker finally made their way to, “LaQuinta Inn, which welcome Sgt. Price and his dog Walker with open arms.” Furthermore the news outlet describes, “Patel is facing a possible misdemeanor charge, which could include a fine and jail time, for breaking the Florida law by refusing service and turning away a disabled individual and their service dog.”

What do you guys think – don’t our veterans deserve a bit more respect than this? Let us know in the comments below.

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