Silencing The Press: Network Rejects Ad For Anti-Obama Movie

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As the brainless sheep continue to unknowingly march down the path to slaughter, it seems they’re even too blind to see what’s directly in front of them. Recently an ad for a movie exposing the America that Obama has created – and would like for you not to see – was simply rejected by a television network for being anti-Obama.

The movie is titled, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” and was created by Joel Gilbert who sought to expose the underbelly of America. Showing just how many Americans live in peril despite Obama’s meek and transparent promises, it seems that the Commander-in-Chief’s glimmer has worn off long ago.

In places like Chicago and Detroit, people are barely getting by while society all around them crumbles. Obama is far from liked in these areas despite those being the ones that originally voted for him. However, the ad for such a film detailing the devastating effects of Obama seem to be too much as lowly television networks seek not to offend their beloved president and have since denied them from airing.

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According to WND:

KUSA-TV has told filmmaker Joel Gilbert the ad for the upcoming “There’s No Place Like Utopia” must comply with Federal Election Commission requirements for political advertisements tied to an election campaign if it is to air on the station.

As Gilbert explains it however, he says, “I am a media entity, a producer of documentary films, and I’m not subject to any FEC regulations.” Furthermore he argues against the claims, and exposes what they truly are, as he continues, “My film focuses on President Barack Obama’s progressive political philosophy, and Barack Obama under the 22nd Amendment cannot run for re-election as president. Nobody mentioned or featured in my documentary is running for election this year.”

It’s just ironic that an ad for a video that exposes Obama for the worthless leader he is be denied for being anti-Obama. You can stop kissing his feet – he hasn’t done anything for anyone but himself.

So what do you think – does a network have the last say over what is run and what isn’t over their airways while hiding behind a weakly applicable law or does everyone have the same rights to those slots so long as they pay? Why are people still so gung ho on defending Obama despite the almost non-existent positive effects he’s had on this nation? Let us know in the comments below.

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