California School Threatens To Expel Student Over Photo Of Military Brother

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An advanced placement teen at a California middle school was threatened with being expelled from the program because of a photo of her Air Force brother on a four-ring binder she carries with her.

Administrators at Golden Valley Middle School in San Bernardino, California said that students having photos on their binders was in violation of school policy. However 13-year-old Brianna Gentry said that she wasn’t the only one with photos in her binder but none of the other students were threatened with expulsion.

In addition to the photo of her brother, who’s a military policeman in Montana, Gentry had photos of her little league ball team in her binder. But to her, the photo of her brother is the most cherished.

“My brother’s very important to me. I haven’t seen him in a while,” she told KTLA TV.

Brianna was told that it’s against the rules to have photos on her assignment folder, then they threatened to expel her from the advanced placement program called AVID. After being threatened, her mother wrote a long letter to school officials demanding to know why she was singled out when none of the other kids were.

The school responded and told her that there’s no exceptions to the rules along with attaching a copy of the rulebook for clarification. However Brianna’s mother said that the rules that were sent to her didn’t even mention notebooks or photographs.

The AVID rules only state that students are required to keep a binder but say nothing as to whether or not they must be decorated. The only mention of the binders reads that students “maintain the AVID binder with assignments, grade sheets, and daily notes as required.”

The school ultimately allowed her to keep the image of her brother but told her she had to remove the images from her softball team.

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