Al Sharpton Still Pissed After Being Called Out On Racial Hypocrisy

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It’s not hard to call out Liberal hypocrisy as they can be at times the greatest offenders, but Al Sharpton was called out about two months ago on a bit of his own, and his butt is still burned over the whole ordeal.

A little while back, the Daily Surge’s Jason Mattera called out Sharpton having used racial slurs in the past yet being one of the most outspoken advocates regarding white-on-black racism. During the interview, Sharpton took to trying to evade the questions and even going so far as calling Mattera a liar.

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To see the original interview – with proof of the race baiter’s hypocrisy – feel free to do so above.

A couple months later though, it seems that Sharpton is still pissed about having been called out and took to voicing his fresh outrage over the matter during an interview on MSNBC. While appearing on “Ronan Farrow Daily,” the racist reverend explained, “I’ve used the n-word and other words I shouldn’t have used. I’ve grown out of. Let everyone grow out of it.”

Of course he also went on to say that if anyone has a right to call people out on racial offenses, its him as he’s now a changed man and has the ability to self-reflect knowing he’s done wrong in the past. It seems though that accountability isn’t one of his strong suits as when he was called out a while back he took to lying about it.

Watch that clip here:

What do you guys think – how sick are you of Sharpton’s antics? Let us know in the comments below.

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