Everythingisracism.com, The One-Stop Shopping Site For Finding Racism In America

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For many in the conservative world we see how overused and broad accusations of racism have become. From criticizing the President to team mascots, there’s not much that the progressive left won’t try to smear as racist on their never ending quest to police the thoughts of America.

Well some random person decided they were going to create a one-stop website that catalogues everything that’s been declared “racist” in America, and it’s pretty funny. The website EverythingIsRacism.com in the all-inclusive hub for those who were wondering just how to define racism in today’s overly political correct world.

As Steven Hayward from the Powerline Blog points out, it’s just like The Warmlist, which lists everything that caused by “climate change” and has 883 items on the list. EverythingIsRacism starts with academic freedom and ends with Zionism, while cataloguing everything in between.

One of the more ridiculous items on the list are all-you-can-eat taco bars, deemed racist because they only happen on Cinco de Mayo. In fact, it was Cinco de Mayo events that prompted schools like UCLA to pass out flyers on how to have a “racist-free Cinco de Mayo.”

Another entry about hiring a hit man describes how such an act can be racist if it’s a black on white crime. We also can’t forget about the selfies that Obama took with two people while at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. According to MSNBC, whoever criticized him for that was racist too.

There’s little doubt that the site was started by an American who’s sick of the politically correct world we live in today. Whether you buy into all the hype around racism or not, it’s definitely worth it to click on the link and see just what is constituted as “racist” in America.

You’re sure to have a good laugh.

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