Liberal Journalist Calls For The White Race to Be A ‘Lost Species’

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A liberal journalist made some astonishing remarks recently during a television interview. According to Ron Liddle, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown responded “I don’t like them. I want them to be a lost species in a hundred years,” when asked her views on whites.

According to BreitbartUK, Liddle penned a piece for the Sun over the weekend decrying her racist remarks. “Can you imagine what would happen if you or I said that about black men, or women? The police would get involved, pronto.”

Liddle had partaken in a heated debate against Brown last week in which the bigoted columnist declared that she “loathed” him.

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Liddle authored a book titled “Selfish, Whining Monkeys,” about which he said “… in the book I suggest that the massive influx of immigrants we’ve seen in the past ten years has made life worse for the lowest paid in society. And rather better for the well-orf [sic].” He said the subject matter of his book is what caused her anger towards him.

“Oh, and also that I’m not mad on every aspect of Islam, y’know? Not hugely convinced by the general Islamic view of women and homosexuals and Jewish people and so on. So, I’m a bigot, then.”

Liddle pointed to other examples of Alihai-Brown’s bigoted views against white, working-class people. One of which was in a 2009 newspaper article where she used the words “stupid,” “vicious,” and “scum” to describe middle class white people.

She has also called for the media to be “controlled” in order to prevent the rise of a British conservative political party. Then to top it all off, in 2008 during a televised discussion on jobs she said “Don’t apply. It would be great if you went away. White, middle class men. We’d just walk in, wouldn’t we?”

However Liddle was quick to point out that “It was white working-class people who fought against fascism and racism in the Second World War, and white working-class people who battled fascism and racism on the streets.”

Liddle’s article concluded that the “Truth is, she shouldn’t be punched in the throat. Instead she should be exposed as a hysterical racist and bigot and consigned to oblivion.”

This woman’s actions are a great example of how bigotry, hatred and racism against whites is not only tolerated, but promoted amongst liberal circles, creating a massive double standard in which white people are pretty much lynched for even mentioning race while others get a pass.

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[H/T: BreitbartUK]

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