Punk Punches Veteran, Police Arrest Ex-Soldier When He Fights Back

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In a video full of unfortunate timing, a veteran was recently assaulted during a late night festivity. It wasn’t until after the veteran began fighting, that police intervened and arrested the man who was defending himself.

Before the camera’s started rolling, it was made clear that a punk had sucker punched a veteran in the face. His face was later seen with blood flowing from his nose indicating as much.

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As just about anyone would do though, the veteran decided to defend himself and went on the offense. At that time though, a police officer came around to address the situation to see, what appeared as, the veteran making the first assaultive move.

He was then arrested despite several people in the crowd attesting to the fact that the punk delivered the first blow. What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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