VP Joe Biden Doesn’t “Care What Your Culture Is,” LGBT Rights More Important

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As the Left becomes more aggressive during each passing day, it seems that religious rights are out and gay rights are in. According to the VP, you need to forget about that Constitutionally granted right to express your religion however you see fit, because gay’s rights to not be offended, well, they’re more important.

The mind numbing statements came from Biden during a spiel he gave to an audience of U.S. and international gay rights advocates at the Naval Observatory’s vice presidential mansion. Apparently, Obama had given the directive for U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance to push along the LGBT agenda – although Biden said it in no uncertain words.

“I don’t care what your culture is,” Biden said. “Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice.” Anti-gay laws, although Liberals here in America would like you to think differently, are pretty uniform as over 80 countries have already implemented such to preserve the sanctity of marriage.

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Of course, acting how they always do, progressive Democrats are now trying to force their ideals on not only America but their world. Apparently just because Obama supports gay marriage, so must everyone else – after all, his majesty has spoken.

Trying to guilt the overwhelming majority that disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle, Biden declared, “there is a price to pay for being inhumane.” What do you guys think – is it really being inhumane, or should we have the right to express our religious beliefs without persecution from government?

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