What Joe Biden Told Pop Star Katy Perry Might Make You Cringe

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Katy Perry has shown us in the past that she’s a staunch supporter of Obama and the Democrats by doing everything from wearing a tight fitting body suit with Obama’s logo on it, to to rambling on about Obama’s greatness in interviews. Well she’s apparently gained a fan out of it and his name is Joe Biden.

During a recent trip to Washington Perry made a stop at the White House, where she brought her “pretty pink pony” to “holler” at the Vice President. The pair took a rather creepy selfie that she uploaded to social media, gushing over Biden making her “call my 93 year old grandma and thank her for my baby blue eyes!”

“What a Q-T,” she added.

What is it with older Democrat men and being so creepy? Seems like Biden’s taking a page out of Slick Willy’s playbook.

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