Whiny Liberals Now Turning Sites On Decades Old Looney Tunes Cartoon Violence

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It really doesn’t take much to get Liberals going these days, and it seems, in their most recent pursuit, they’ve aimed to destroy quite a few people’s childhoods. Despite today’s world be far more dangerous it appears they feel it necessary to whine about how much violence there used to be during older Looney Tunes cartoons.

Now for those of us that actually remember Looney Tunes cartoons on Saturday mornings, the delightful animations provided kids a few valuable, and enjoyed, hours of entertainment. During a recent A.V. Club roundtable discussion, critic Todd VanDerWerff decided to chastise the form of entertainment rather than get a bit nostalgic.


According to VanDerWerff:

“Watching these cartoons now, I’m struck by their violence. Don’t get me wrong: I think that’s a big part of the cartoons’ charm. … [A] little cartoon violence never hurt anybody, but it’s still a bit shocking to me to watch these things and see the characters basically annihilating each other in ways that would result in death in reality. Yes, that’s part of the joke, but it’s hard to think of anything quite this anarchic and violent in kids’ TV nowadays. I think it works in Looney Tunes, perhaps because of the anarchy”

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Mark Joseph Stern of Slate only echoed the ridiculous claims that VanDerWerff had to offer saying:

That sounds about right to me—and I don’t doubt that most children in America are constantly exposed to violence on TV that’s far more disturbing than anything in Looney Tunes. But no kids’ show today would ever treat firearms or gun deaths so lightly, with such zany exuberance, as Looney Tunes once did. That jaunty disregard of the consequences of violence is part of what made the show so bizarrely delightful. In a post-Newtown world, however, what was once strangely funny now registers as appallingly macabre.

It doesn’t take much to see that there is a problem in America – not with guns, but with our mental health problem. That being said, it’s also safe to say that no one in their right mind has ever seen a Looney Tunes character blow their brains out, thought it was a good idea and decided to replicate the effects in this reality – or so I’m yet to hear.

Instead, because of Liberal sissies too scared to talk about the root problem, they’ve effectively created a society that despises and fears the tool rather than actually understands what’s going on. So thanks for only furthering the problem you ignorant sheep – I feel much more enlightened now.

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