FOX News Anchor Physically Fights With Police During Arrest

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Back in late May we reported that FOX News anchor Gregg Jarrett had been arrested after have a few too many at the airport bar and becoming uncontrollably belligerent. Recently released however is a video showing just how drunk Jarrett was, where at one point, he was seen getting into a physical altercation with airport police.

Apparently they were able to slap some cuffs on Jarrett at the airport before eventually tossing him into a holding cell to sober up. Once there though, it seems that Jarrett became even more agitated as officers continued to flood into the small area.

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It all went downhill pretty fast after the Fox News host called one of the officers a, “f*cking stupid a**.” When the officer came over to intimidate the drunk though, Jarrett stood up in a confrontational nature prompting a more, hands-on, approach from police.

As Jarrett was intoxicated, and his senses impaired, he made for an easy take down for the responding officer, who initially jacked him up against the wall. As the arrestee remained in his instigative state though, it wasn’t long before his face was being pressed into the bench as the officer slapped his handcuffs back on.

He was then booked for interfering with a peace officer and later released on $300 bail.

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