Drug Dealing Cop Sells Illegal Steroids To Swat Team, Pimps Out His Wife

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As police corruption is running rampant under the current administration, it seems that some officers are getting bolder than ever when it comes to their illegal activities. Most recently, an internal investigation discovered that a drug dealing cop just so happened to be pimping out his wife as well.

Recently booked was Darrion Keith Holiwell, 49, on charges of promoting prostitution, theft and a drug violation. Holiwell was only discovered after a separate investigation included him and put him on paid leave during the time being.

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Investigators soon learned that Holiwell – a 19-year veteran on the force – was using an illegal steroid as well as selling it to others on the team and even people outside of the police. Furthermore, it seems that despite he and his wife going through quite the divorce, they were able to maintain a professional relationship as pimp and whore.

Proving just the kind of gentleman he really is, Holiwell was said to be keeping about 80% of the profits coming in from his wife’s tricks. Lastly it was discovered that the corrupt cop was stealing spent brass from the police shooting range and pawning it off for profit.

Raking in an extra $45,000 – $50,000 by selling the used brass casings to local gun shops, Holiwell allegedly put the money back into the SWAT team by tricking out their guns. If those that wish to “serve and protect” can’t adequately follow the laws they swore to enforce, what does that say about society? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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