SHOCKING VIDEO: Arizona Senator’s Son Responsible For 20 Dogs Dying

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On Friday, reports surfaced about a dog boarding facility that suffered casualties of 17 dogs in Gilbert, Arizona. The facility is owned by Todd and MaLeisa Hughes, but they were out of town when the incident occurred and left their facility in the hand of their children.

Their daughter, 21-year-old Logan and her husband Austin Flake, the son of Senator Jeff Flake, were left to care for the animals. According to reports, one of the dogs that were left in to 10×10 room chewed through the wires of the air conditioning unit and rendered it inoperable, leading to the room overheating and the dogs dying from heat exhaustion. Since the initial reports, the number of dogs that died in the incident has grown to 20.

Hughes had originally told the pet owners who left their animals in her care that their dogs had run away. However when Maricopa County Sheriffs went to the residence to investigate, they found the bodies of the dogs piled up in the shed where they were kept.

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An interview with MaLeisa Hughes with FOX 10 Phoenix was released and shows her attacking reporters and responding with a smug attitude, and in some parts she even appeared to be crying. The interview footage has caused many people to question whether or not she’s actually telling the truth. It also would have people believe that she may be using her relationship with Senator Flake to try to avoid any charges that may be brought against her.

Hughes told reporters over the weekend that there wouldn’t be any charges filed. However in a Monday press conference Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he claim is false and that the investigation is still ongoing.

A Facebook page has been set up by the families who lost their beloved pets in this tragedy. “The Tragedy at Green Acre Dog Boarding Gilbert, AZ,”  currently has over 9,000 followers and announced a memorial service for the families to gather at Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, June 28 at 7:30 p.m.

How would you react to this interview if your dog was at the facility? Let us know with a comment!

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