Illegal Immigrants Staging Fake Gay Weddings For Citizenship

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Apparently America isn’t the only country having trouble with illegal immigrants trying to gain entry through any possible means as England is reporting a new sort of issue. According to reports, illegal immigrants have taken to staging fake gay weddings in order to obtain citizenship.

Apparently after the legalization of gay marriage, or “civil partnerships,” they’ve seen a dramatic increase in sham weddings. Just last year, the nation reported a 50% increase in sham weddings noting a staggering 7,500 were fraudulent in nature.

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Out of this number, the UK explains that they’ve discovered 80 civil partnership ceremonies, from the past three years, were staged as well. Although the tactic is spreading quickly, the gay community is urging that the practice by illegals is just a small portion of the major problem the UK is experiencing.

What do you guys think – should we really be surprised that illegals are stooping to legal new lows to get what they want in this day and age? Let us know in the comments below.

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