No Knock Raid Results In Officer Being Shot In The Face, 3 Other Officers Shot

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As police continue to militarize, it seems that a certain amount of abuses are being exercised regardless of the actual law. A few police officers got a startling dose of reality after performing a no-knock raid where one officer was shot in the face and killed upon entrance and three other officers were shot as well.

No knock raids are usually meant for the most violent offenders in hopes that the element of surprise will result in minimized risk. Obviously when trying to arrest 49-year-old Marvin Louis Guy, this was the best possible approach, but officers have been reported to be using the frightful tactics at an unprecedented rate.


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As many see it, no knock raids are a form of home invasion as those being bombarded upon haven’t been given a warrant or explanation of why people are kicking in their doors. Furthermore, some counties have even ruled that if police officers are shot during a no-knock raid, those doing the shooting will not be held responsible in a court of law.

Killeen Police Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie died shortly after sustaining a gunshot wound to the face during the dangerous raid. Apparently Guy was able to also hit three other officers – two of which were treated and released while the third remains in stable condition in the hospital.


Things aren’t looking so good for Guy though as he currently sits in prison looking at three counts of capital murder in relation to the shooting. If someone is kicking down your door, do you have the responsibility to assess the situation and make sure they’re not police officers before pulling the trigger yourself? Could that hesitation kill you if the circumstance is right?

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