Wisconsin Spent Federal DISABILITY Money To Send Teachers To ‘White Privilege’ Conference

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According to reports, the state-level education department of Wisconsin spent $2,000 in federal disability money to send its employees to the annual White Privilege Conference that occurred back in March.

The DailyCaller reported that the MacIver Institute, which is a free-market think tank, discovered the waste of money spent by the head of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Democrat Tony Evers.

The 15th annual conference brought together nearly 2,400 white people who all sat around and felt bad because of the color they were born. Topics included in this year’s conference included “white supremacy, white privilege and oppression.”

The rationale by officials within the department for using the funds in such a manner was that they believed the White Privilege Conference would help people within the department address disabilities among anybody who’s non-white.

Special education assistant director Terry Ehiorobo said the “Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires States and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to take steps to address disproportionate representation of racial/ethnic groups in special education.”

Ehiorobo also implied that the conference “provides current research on issues and topics related to some of the root causes around racial disproportionality.”

However the advocates of the liberal fantasy of “white privilege” believe that anybody who’s white is given “an invisible package of unearned assets” at birth.

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[H/T: DailyCaller]

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