Landscaper Killed After Being Pulled Through Industrial Wood Chipper

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In a sight so gruesome Florida officials are being offered counseling services, a man was recently discovered to have been pulled through an industrial sized wood chipper.

The incident allegedly took place at around 4:15 p.m. where landscapers were working to clear debris in a local Florida neighborhood. At that time the man had apparently fallen into the wood chipper and had been sent through while panicking co-workers ran up the street calling for help.

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Witness Cheryl Appel explained, “He was obviously extremely distraught, yelling and flailing his arms around, screaming to another co-worker at a nearby fence and collapsed against it, his knees buckled.”

As one could imagine, the carnage was stomach churning. “I’ve been in police work 20 years. I’ve never seen anything like this,” Captain Dale Engle explained. “It was a gruesome scene.” Police have yet to disclose the identity of the unfortunate soul as they convey they wish to tell his family and loved ones of his passing first.

Of all the ways to go, this surely ranks amongst the top.

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