Martha’s Vineyard Staffers: Obamas Fought A Lot, Slept In Different Rooms


June 23, 2014 1:31pm PST

Staffers from Martha’s Vineyard revealed that the Obamas slept in different rooms after a marital fight while they were staying on the island during Obama’s first-term, according to Ed Klein’s new book “Blood Feud.”

The DailyCaller reports that a Blue Heron Farm staffer told Klein that “They slept in their own bedrooms.” The staffer also revealed, “They both had stacks of books by their beds. The president was reading The Bayou Trilogy by Daniel Woodrell and Rodin’s Debutante by Ward Just. I don’t know if they visited each other’s bedroom at night, but I didn’t see any signs of that.”

The staffer also told of how Obama would eat in bed which forced them to have to change the sheets daily, and he apparently hasn’t quit his smoking habit either since, “he smoked cigarettes daily and didn’t try to hide it at all.” Obama also snores, according to the staffer, “I heard him. He ate a lot of junk food, chips and stuff. He loved fudge and bought it from Murdick’s Fudge. It was a wonder that he stayed so thin.”

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What the staffer revealed will serve to strengthen the rumors that Barack and Michelle have been having marital issues, which they said was on display during their trip to the swanky getaway. The Obamas bickered a lot but it was under their breath, “so you couldn’t exactly hear what it was about.”

“But I can tell when people are pissed off at each other, and they seemed to be pissed a lot.”

The staffer also said that they “didn’t see much warmth” between the First Couple “at all.” “They almost seemed to avoid each other,” they said.

“When the president was going on about something, Michelle would put on her earphones and listen to her iPod. She tuned him out.”

They also didn’t spend too much time together, with Michelle going out with friends to lunch or dinner and Obama “stayed at home or went to the gym to play basketball or had a game of golf.”

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