Texas County Approves Slavery Reparations Resolution

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On Tuesday a group of commissioners from Dallas County passed a Juneteenth resolution that commemorated the day that slaves in Texas earned their freedom, but unbeknown to most of the board it included much more. In addition to commemorating Juneteenth, the resolution declared that black people should receive reparations for slavery, which ended over a century ago.

According to Breitbart, Commissioner John Wiley Price authored the resolution, which included a list of items besides recognizing that historic day.

The Dallas Morning News reported that “it included a long list of injustices endured by blacks, from slavery to Jim Crow to predatory lending practices. Then, in its final paragraph, it declared that the suffering of African-Americans should be ‘satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations.’”

Price apparently wrote the resolution after he read an article from The Atlantic that outlined why America should pay reparations to black people. He then read the entire resolution aloud at the meeting as the other commissioners looked on in disbelief since they had never heard the language prior to then.

Unfortunately, they passed it anyways and then an hour after the event complained that they hadn’t seen the language in it. The only Republican on the commissioner’s court later changed his vote to abstention as well.

Even though nobody had heard the controversial language in the resolution, they decided to keep the resolution, and the language, as it was passed.

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[H/T: Breitbart]

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