Military Now Has Shiny New X-Ray Guns


June 23, 2014 12:06pm PST

The military’s new X-ray gun can see through fabric, rubber and aluminum to find drugs, money, explosive liquids and even people. What’s more, it is the first device of it’s kind that can be hand held by a soldier. With the press of a button, a soldier can see through a wide array of materials by zapping them with low level X-rays.

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At a recent demonstration, representatives from American Science and Engineering (AS&E), ran the gun, named the MINI Z, over everything from a car seat to a handful of grapes. Then whatever organic compound was being scanned by the gun would appear on the screen of a Windows powered tablet PC. Pretty Cool!

The United States military is constantly introducing new and awesome technology and machinery. One of the many reasons that America is the greatest nation in the world. ‘Merica!

H/T: Tell Me Now


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