Walmart Has EPIC Response For NY Times Article Inaccuracies

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Walmart is usually known for their deals over their comedic talent, but after the New York Times produced a few inaccuracies that could have damaged their reputation, boy did they release an epic response. After reading that, “Walmart is a net drain on taxpayers,” they simply replied by saying, “Thanks for sharing your first draft,” and asked, “Can we see your math?”

The entire incident began with an article written by New York Times columnist Timothy Egan titled, “The Corporate Daddy.” In it, Egan accuses Walmart of paying their 2.2 million employees, “humiliating wages,” saying that overall, “Walmart is a net drain on taxpayers.”

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Furthermore, Egan wrote that the retail giant forces, “employees into public assistance with its poverty-wage structure.” Reading the laughable speculation, Wal-Mart’s director of corporate communications, David Tovar, found the piece just too irresistible not to respond to.

Starting with a bit of snark, he simply wrote, “Thanks for sharing your first draft,” and then went to town on the Times saying, “Below are a few thoughts to ensure something inaccurate doesn’t get published.” Tovar corrected the notion that Walmart is a net-drain on taxpayers writing, “We are the largest tax payer in America,” and then comically asked, “Can we see your math?”

Tovar then went and picked apart the article piece by piece exposing the inaccuracies, and poor reporting. Do you think next time the NY Times will do a bit of fact checking or number crunching before trying to defame a corporate giant like this in the future?

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