Obama Now Trying His Hand At Parenting Advice For Americans

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As if Obama hasn’t done enough damage when it comes to this country, it seems he’s feeling a bit out of sorts not being fully involved in every aspect of American lives. Most recently, he took to giving out a bit of parenting advice suggesting a few tips for all American parents alike.

Now we all know that all parents – like their kids – are different and need a more individualized approach according to circumstance, but the all knowing Obama has a few universal tips. “Give them unconditional love and then you give them some structure and some rules,” Obama noted. “They usually turn out pretty well –they’ll bring you a lot of joy.”

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He went on to say that kids, “are more resilient than you realize,” but they must be given “assignments” in order to be taught the values of life. “As soon as they can understand words you start giving them assignments: Nap, eat your peas. Uh, you know, pick up your toys off the floor.”

Obama then concluded by saying, “By the time they’re 16 they turn out pretty well,” but unfortunately, “don’t always give you as much time with them as you want.” What do you guys think – does Obama have a point here or should he just butt out and keep his opinions to himself? Let us know in the comments below.

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