Gun Manufacturer Makes Commemorative Rifle Celebrating Move From Anti-Gun Connecticut

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If the Left has been consistent on one thing, it’s that they don’t like Americans having guns. As this mindset, in collaboration with the current administration and brainwashing on the main stream media’s part, continues to infect society, many states are turning less and less gun friendly.

As you may have heard, after NY fell to the heinous SAFE Act, Connecticut enacted its own set of restrictive gun laws. Many residents of the states have remained openly resistant to the new law claiming they will not comply, but as for legal gun manufacturers, they’ve had some serious thinking to do.

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One such company, PTR Industries, decided to pack its bags and head for the door, or a more gun-friendly state that is. After moving to South Carolina, the gun company has since come out with a commemorative new rifle celebrating their move.

The black-and-brushed-nickel weapon has been dubbed the, “South Carolina Commemorative Edition Rifle,” and features a South Carolina state outline and palmetto tree insignia. As South Carolina is often referred to as the palmetto state, you can see that they’re a bit excited to brag of their new home.

Some times change is good, and when it comes to moving to a state with looser gun regulation, you can be sure that that’s the case.

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