Transformation Of Terrified And Abandoned Dog Will Melt Your Heart

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We as people all love a feel good story as they seem to have the ability to uplift even in the most stressful of situation. Proving that there is still good in the world, a few good people were able to rescue a dog that had been abandoned and rejuvenate his puppy personality.

Things looked grim for the dog they later named Theo as he was abandoned about a year ago by his family as they moved away and simply left him. They found the sad little pup underneath a trailer covered in mats to the point where he looked like he had dread locks as the year’s weather had taken its toll.


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After they were able to catch the skittish Theo, they gave him a bath and a haircut, but viewers were made aware of the poor little guy’s broken spirit. Just a few weeks later though, Theo seemed fully rejuvenated and warmed back up to both people and other dogs.

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