Liberals Pass Bill To Change ‘Hurtful’ Fish Name, Because RACIST

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In our times of political correctness there’s really not much that liberals won’t say is offensive to somebody, which means that everybody else must change in order to prevent it. So to hear that they want to change the name of a fish in order to prevent people from being offended by it isn’t a surprise, however to have a state legislature actually pass a bill on it is ridiculous.

On Monday of last week, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill from Democrat John Hoffman that changes the name of the Asian carp, which is the appropriate name since it originated in Asia, to the “invasive carp.” He doesn’t want Asians to be offended over the name since the fish has spread across dozens of states and caused widespread destruction to ecosystems ever since being introduced to American waters in 1970.

According to Breitbart, the Army Corps of Engineers has been fighting to stem the population growth of the most invasive species of the fish, the black carp, the silver carp, and the grass carp, all of which come from either China or Vietnam and have spread throughout the Great Lakes and posed a danger to the fishing industries.

Do you ever get sick of liberals finding offensive things where there’s no offense to be taken? Seriously what’s more offensive, giving a name to a fish based on its geographic origins, or claiming that the name given to it somehow reflects the Asian race and is therefore offensive?

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