Rare ‘Lamborghini Of Poultry’ Chicken Has RIDICULOUS Price Tag

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A Florida breeder has been able to import and sell rare chickens that cost $2,500 each, yes you did read that correctly. A pair of the Ayam Cemani chickens will run you about $4,999, and the breeder says it’s “my most requested bird, ever.”

Paul Bradshaw at Greenfire Farms is the first American breeder to import the Indonesian chickens that are all black and even have black flesh.

Collectors are fans of the birds because they’re exotic and hard to get your hands on. However despite a USDA ban on the importation of live chickens from Indonesia, Greenfire Farms has been able to legally get them in the country.

Dana Cowin, the editor-in-chief of Food & Wine, explained why the chicken is so pricey.

“To be fair, it is an all black chicken,” she says. “So it’s very chic. Its feathers are black. Its organs are black. Its meat is black. So it’s very special, it’s a rare breed chicken.”

Named after the Cemani village in central Java, the bird has a distinct black coloring that is the result of a genetic trait known as “fibromelanosis,” which is also a trait of the Chinese version called Silkies.

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