HORRIFIC: Police Tackle Knife Wielding Mad Woman, She Falls On Blade

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Police officers are often tasked with dissolving a variety of situation that can be volatile or life threatening quite often. Acting in the best interest of not only himself, but other officers around him, one policeman tackled a knife wielding woman only to later realize that she unfortunately fell atop the blade.

Officers were reportedly responding to a call about an upset woman threatening suicide and when they arrived, she tried running her van through police. She didn’t explain exactly what happened, but said that a man – thought to be her significant other – had lied to her.

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After police demanded she get out of her vehicle and talk with them, she only further became upset before ultimately presenting officers with a large knife. While she walked toward one, another cop went around the back side of her van and surprised her from behind with a brutal tackle.

It wasn’t long before police soon realized that the woman fell directly on top of her knife resulting in impalement. What do you guys think of this – was this the officer’s fault or just an unfortunate coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.

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