Obama Releasing “Easily Identifiable” Cartel Members Onto U.S. Streets


June 21, 2014 9:09pm PST

If you think the whole massive illegal alien influx is getting out of hand, you’ll probably be just a bit more upset after learning what Obama has been doing in secret. Apparently without much thought, the current administration has been quietly letting every illegal immigrant go, onto U.S. soil, with nothing but a court date – including “easily identifiable” Mexican cartel members.

That’s right – as America is being flooded with an out-of-control number of illegal aliens hopefully for amnesty due to Democratic efforts to reward those that break our nation’s laws with citizenship, it appears that just about everyone is being given a free pass. Of course the actual agenda here is transparent in nature as Democrats wish to strengthen the voting pool in their favor and ensure votes for generations to come, but the way in which they’re going about it is highly shameful – not that they’re capable of feeling such.

That being said, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez explains the ramifications releasing anyone and everyone – including cartel members – that crosses the border could have on society. According to Gonzalez, “They are not your average person that wants to better their lives.”

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Furthermore, the National Border Patrol Council noted that, “[t]he majority of these thugs are easily identifiable.” Spokesperson Chris Cabrera expounded on the matter saying, “they are usually pretty predominant with their tattoos,” pointing out that they often have, “a lot of face tattoos.”

As politicians continue to allow violent and dangerous personalities to freely cross the border for political gain, it is only making American law enforcement jobs harder. Significantly adding to the number of gang members, officials have already begun to notice a spike in criminal activity regarding drugs and weapons.

Although it’s highly unlikely to become a reality anytime soon – at least under the control of the current administration – Cabrera argues, “the only way to put a stop to this is to depart them, send them back home.” What do you guys think – is there anything we as Americans can do to put an end to Obama’s idiocy that is negatively impacting American quality of life? Let us know in the comments below.


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