Scum Bag Cop Found To Be Pimping Minors From His Home

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Although an entrepreneurial spirit is usually commended, one police officer was recently charged for trying to make a buck or two after hours. D.C. cop Linwood Barnhill Jr., has recently admitted to pimping out minors from his apartment.

While executing a search warrant back in December of 2013, you can imagine officer’s surprise when they found a 15 year old girl in Barnhill’s apartment who had been reported as missing by her parents. This girl was just the tip of the ice berg revealing a major prostitution ring being run by the scum bag cop.

Apparently Barnhill and the girl had met and, over time, relaxed into their relationship where the officer told the girl he had arranged a “date” between her and an older man. Of course, this so called “date” was sexual in nature and involved the physical act in exchange for $80 – $20 of which was supposed to go to Barnhill.


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The girl also informed investigating officers that she had seen 6 other girls involved in the illicit activity, all under the direction of the crooked cop. Barnhill had also taken nudie pics of the girls for advertising purposes as well.

After pleading guilty – probably to avoid child pornography charges – Barnhill was only given a mere 8 years behind bars. During his sentencing, the judge conveyed his belief that the consequence negotiated between the prosecution and defense was too weak for such a disgusting crime.

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