Gun Owners BLAST Stephen King After Idiotic Anti-Gun Remarks

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Gun hating Liberals seem to be on a role lately when it comes to their genius ideas and furthermore must love the constant ridicule given by red blooded Americans calling them out on their ignorance on the issue. Taking his own debut, fiction author Stephen King recently decided to test the waters with a bit of his own anti-gun rhetoric, and boy did gun owners call him out on his bull sh– err – crap.

After hearing of a shooting during a rap concert in Colorado, it seems as King was so moved by his emotions that he felt obligated to tweet his two cents saying:


So yeah, yeah, yeah – he had a typo, it happens. Dig a little deeper than the cosmetics and you can start to see – yet again – why and how the anti-gun rhetoric just doesn’t cut it. Pretty soon just about everyone was chiming in to let the famed author know the flaw in his logic.

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Take a peek below at just a few examples:

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So what do you guys think – should King have thought before he decided to hop on the nonsensical Liberal wagon? Let us know in the comments below.

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