[Pics] Liberals FLIPPING Over Women Open Carry Demonstrations

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It really doesn’t take much to get Liberal panties in a wad these days as even talking of guns is sure to result in a call to the authorities. Being that this is the case, you can just imagine how bad Leftists were tweaking as a group of southern gals got together for a walk in public – with their guns.

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It seems recently that as the government strives to take away our constitutionally declared rights in an effort to disarm Americans, several are going public with the notion that we will not back down. In order to do this, and prove just how safe firearms are, open carry demonstrators have taken to going in public with their guns in open view.



Sites such as the Liberal Mother Jones, along with organizations like Moms Demand Action, seem to be hell bent on the idea that no one deserves guns as they’re just too darn dangerous. Furthermore, they insist that open carry demonstrations are just taking the issue “too far,” and demand we red blooded Americans cease and desist.



Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look like that’s going to become a reality anytime soon as even businesses are taking the sides of legal gun owning Americans saying that they are going to allow what is granted by law instead of backing down in the face of political pressure. The large department store chain Target is just one example making their stand in Texas saying that if the law allows it, so do they.



The question here is; do open carry demonstrations take the issue too far and create unnecessary nervousness throughout the community, or does it simply provide an opportunity for Americans to exercise their rights? What do you guys think – for gun owners, do open carry demonstrations cause more harm than good? Let us know in the comments below.

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