Angered Residents Push Back Against The Obama Regime, And They Win

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The secretive decision by the Obama regime to relocate hundreds of illegal immigrant children to a tiny Virginia farm town didn’t go over too well with the residents and town officials, who angrily protested the plan and ended up staving off the government.

According to TheBlaze, on Friday the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a statement citing the concerns of the locals in Lawrenceville, Virginia as they announced they would be taking “this proposal off the table.” In a big win for the town, the agency also said it would immediately begin looking somewhere else to “house these vulnerable children.”

Hundreds of Angry Citizens Say NO to Obama’s Plan to Move Illegals to Their State

The decision to halt the relocation came after the officials who are overseeing the placement of the masses of illegal children and teenagers crossing our borders were met with fierce resistance on Thursday. They had brokered a deal with St. Paul’s College, which was founded after the Civil War to educate black men and women in the South and closed down a year ago, to use the dormitories for housing up to 500 illegal alien children.

The apologetic panel of officials were met by an angry crowd of over 1,000 who crowded into a high school gymnasium to express their outrage. Many of the residents showed up with signs that read “No illegal immigrants.”

The complaints from the local residents varied, with some citing concerns for safety while others were upset the plan was never discussed with them. In fact, they were only told about it just a couple of days before the children were due to arrive.

A National Guard sergeant and former Marine by the Name of Aaron Smith told officials that the community didn’t want to become the location of a massive shelter for illegal immigrants.

“We talk slow around here and with a twang. But we say what we mean,” he said. “Let me talk straight into your eyes: We don’t want you here.”

He would later praise federal officials for “doing what they said they would do” by taking the resident’s concerns seriously.

Since the start of the budget year, more than 47,000 illegal immigrant children have been apprehended at the Mexican border. Most of them are from Central America and are coming here because of the poor living conditions in their home countries, but many of them also believe that once they crossed the border they wouldn’t be forced to leave.

Obama Opens Flood Gates For Mexican Gang Members To Cross Border Illegally

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