Alarming Report: Female Genitalia Mutilation On The Rise

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An alarming number of cases of Female Genitalia Mutilation (FGM) have been discovered in Sweden. FGM is considered to be a serious problem in the country, which is why public health officials are legally allowed to examine young girls without the consent of their parents. Of course if they weren’t, the abusive parents who allow the FGM to take place would do whatever they could to keep it quiet.

Since March, 60 cases of FGM have been discovered in the small community of Norrköping, Sweden. 30 of these girls were in the very same class at school and 28 of the cases were considered to be of the worst possible kind of FGM.

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FGM started to become a serious health issue in Sweden in the early 1990’s with the influx of Somali nationals who immigrated to the country. In Somali culture, FGM is a long-standing and widely accepted practice. Even the Somali women who have been subject to the horrific practice do not tend to oppose it being done to their daughters.

The affects of FGM are devastating. When a woman decides to have children, the process of giving birth becomes dangerous for her as well as her infant. A baby cannot make it outside of the birth canal of a woman who has been a victim of FGM, so she is forced to have a C-section. Of course, in many parts of the world where FGM is a common practice, C-sections are not an option. You can imagine the kind of detrimental circumstances which occur as a result. Babies become asphyxiated when they cannot make it out of the birth canal, which leads to stillbirth.

The report that this horrible practice has become common in a European country is quite alarming, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments section!

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