Arrogant Police Officer Makes Sure Cameras Are Rolling Before Assaulting Child

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It seems that the brothers in blue are becoming increasingly brazen in their blatant abuse of power and legal overstep. Proving that point just a touch more, one officer was seen making sure that cameras were on before he assaulted a child.

The incident came about after the police officer reportedly called the boy and his friends “wetbacks,” causing the boys yell back. The boys were allegedly members of a summer program designed to keep them busy and away from drugs and other illegal activities.

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As they were working to earn some money, their rebuttal to the officer apparently warranted his presence. After stopping, the officer is then heard demanding one boy, “tell me when you’re recording,” before fully assaulting his comrade.

Just a short while later, the officer is seen slamming a young boy against a wall and then bending his arm behind his back and upward in a clear attempt to inflict pain. The video captures everything including the boy screaming as he is in agony on account of the officer’s needless actions.

What do you guys think of this – does this seem to be more frequent these days? Let us know in the comments below.

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