Mother Abandons Newborn Outside Stranger’s Home

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This is a very sad video. Recently captured by a security camera, was a newborn baby being abandoned by it’s mother.

As can be seen in the footage, the mother approaches what appears to be a random residence, carrying her baby in her arms. She leaves the baby on the ground outside of the home and then rings the doorbell, though no one answers before she leaves the scene.

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Fast forward to the next morning, and a man presumed to be the homeowner appears and finds the child. Miraculously, the baby is reported to be in perfect health, even after being left alone for a whole 12 hours. This is a miracle in and of itself, as one can image any number of hardships could have easily befallen a defenseless baby during the night.

After many horrific reports of mothers killing their own babies, I suppose it’s somewhat of a silver lining that this mother abandoned her child instead of dealing with it in an even worse manner. It’s anybody’s guess why she left the child at a stranger’s doorstep instead of at a safe abandonment site at a hospital, though.

You’re not supposed to judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes, but it is completely beyond me how a mother who just gave birth to a baby could abandon it this way. Let us know what you think of this story in the comments section below!

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