Racist Schoolyard Thugs Bully Kid Because He’s White

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It seems that in today’s society in which Liberalism infects the realm of effective parenting, bullying has become somewhat of an epidemic – especially in schools. 11-year-old James Wilson is living proof of just that as he claims he’s been the victim of bullying so merciless that it’s prompted him quit school.

According to Wilson, other boys – believed to be black – have ruthlessly bullied him because he’s white and have even called him gay. Along with the verbal abuse, Wilson has encountered a slew of other physical assaults including being hit with a fishing pole, being kicked and punched and even thrown into a bush.

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As the needless nuisance only seemed to intensify, it’s come to the point where Wilson and his parents have decided to pull the boy from school to avoid further potential trauma. School officials only offer the condolence that bullies are given a stern talking to with a warning that if they do it again, they will be suspended.

Justifiably so, Wilson’s father believes that’s not enough. Instead, school officials explain that they rely on other students to come running when bullying occurs as that’s the only way they know its happening. What do you guys think of this? If it comes down to the point where someone has to quit school because the bullying is so relentless, is a slap on the wrist adequate punishment to be dealt to the offenders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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