Parent Of The Year: Mom Screams At Her Child For A Joint

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It is unbelievable what passes for parenting these days. Here is another example of a mother who should never have taken on the responsibility of raising a child, because she can’t even get her own act together.

The woman in the video is standing outside of a vehicle where her son sits smoking a joint. Not only is the mother encouraging her son’s drug use, she begs him to give her a hit of his joint. When he withholds it from her, she goes ballistic.

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She screams at a man named ‘Randy’ who is sitting in between her and her son to get the joint for her. It’s like a white trash version of monkey-in-the-middle, only the druggie version.

When she doesn’t get her way, the woman begins to scream her head off and bash her hand against the outside of the vehicle. The person holding the joint appears to find this just as funny as can be, as he is heard chuckling throughout the one minute video. I suppose when you come from a family of drug addicted low lives, you learn to find humor in all things.

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