Malia’s Humiliating New Job in Hollywood Might Shock You


June 19, 2014 12:16pm PST

Malia Obama’s new job in Hollywood isn’t exactly as fun as she thought it would be. In fact from the sounds of it, it’s been hell for her.

According to TMZ, the President’s daughter hasn’t gotten any special treatment while on a week-long trip as a production assistant on the set of Halle Berry’s new TV show, “Extent.”

Sources say that she actually hasn’t been producing much of anything, besides coffee. That’s right, the 15-year-old has been spending the majority of her time running for coffee and drinks for the crew, just like the rest of the Hollywood peons.

Aside from having the Secret Service there to protect her, it sounds like nobody really cared who she was which is surprising given the liberal nature of Hollywood.

Guess being the President’s daughter doesn’t always give you special favor.

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