Liberal University Mandates Police Patrol For “Dangerous” Gun Rights Speech

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Apparently the Liberal and mainstream media brainwashing attempts in an effort to demonize guns and gun owners is quite effective as people are starting to think that even speaking about guns is dangerous. So was proven the case most recently after a Liberal University mandated extra police patrol units in order for students to bring a gun rights speaker on campus.

The incident took place at Boise State University (BSU) where the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) were notified by school administrators that they’d need to hire more security guards and police officers to patrol the area during their gun rights event. They apparently had hired Dick Heller, who won a Supreme Court case back in 2008 enabling residents of the District of Columbia to purchase handguns, to speak on campus.

Last minute, the school sprung on the YAL the requirement of hiring three extra guards and two city police officers. Explaining that the event was a “threat to campus security,” the added man power ran the group an extra $465.

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According to BSU communications staffer Kathleen Tuck, “We do charge campus groups for security when it is deemed a necessary component of an event, based on threat assessments. In this case, there was concern that a community member had been encouraging folks to open carry.”

YAL however explained that they strongly urged against open carrying – a notion the school was made full aware of. YAL leader Sherlyn Rose responded to the school’s ridiculous requirements saying, “Boise State overstepped its bounds by charging extra security fees last minute for an event where the goal wasn’t to have an open-carry gun rally, but rather provide an educational forum for our students and community regarding a very important, historical Second Amendment Supreme Court ruling.”

As you could expect, not one of those officers were needed that day.

What do you guys think of this – why are Liberals so hell bent on demonizing firearms? Let us know in the comments below.



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