Internet Rallies Behind Deployed Soldier Whose Dog Was Sold By Evil Ex

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For many of us dog owners, our beloved pets are virtually one of the family. So was the case for soldier Robert Gabbert and his dog, Baxter, until, that is, his ex girlfriend sold the dog on Craigslist to another family.

After discovering this sad occurrence, Gabbert put out a plea to the internet world writing:

“I am currently deployed and my ex sold my dog. I just found out and I am trying to find the people (person) who bought him. I will pay anything to get him back. His name is Baxter and he is an Shiba Inu. I do not have my phone with me. You can email me. The phone number is my mom’s she is helping me locate him. If you have any information PLEASE give us a call or an email.”

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Needless to say, he, along with the help of a few supporters were able to locate the family in possession of Baxter. Unfortunately, according to Gabbert’s mother, Karen Fraley, “They keep saying they have children that are attached.” The mother did however rebut saying, “Well my child is attached to the dog. Just because he is older doesn’t mean he is not my child.”

Supporters of the soldier put together a Facebook page called “Help Bring Baxter Home,” and have successfully been able to rake in about $1,400 worth of donations to be put toward legal fees and any other expenses that may come about. According to the Libertarian Republic, “Activist Nancy Wallace says that Baxter’s return is now being negotiated.”

Support for the soldier and the pup has even grown so large that nonprofit Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue has offered to thrown in a replacement dog of the same breed to the family if they return Baxter home. What do you guys think – should the ex-girlfriend be punished for such a sinister deed? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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