DHS Terrorizes Sick Veterans Waiting For Care In Shocking Show Of Force

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Veterans in San Diego were absolutely horrified last week when Obama’s armed goons from the Department of Homeland Security showed up at a VA health care facility in an “Operation Shield” exercise, according to DisabledVeterans.org.

According to reports, 20 armed officers from the DHS Federal Protective Service (FPS) appeared at the entrance to the VA Mission Valley Health Care Clinic for the purpose of “presence deterrence.” They were dressed in all black combat gear, without name tags and refused to identify themselves to anybody that asked.

The officers apparently arrived in eight white SUVs marked “FPS” and had four bomb-sniffing dogs with them. Once on the site, they blocked all access to parking for disabled vets trying to make their appointments which frightened many of them and even caused some to leave the facility.

The Mission Valley VA treats vets for all types of ailments, including psychiatric care for illnesses such as PTSD.

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According to a complaint from the group Honoring Our Troops (HRT) that was lodged with the VA Office of Inspector the General (OIG), the vets who were on site were threatened and harassed by the federal thugs when they asked questions about what they were doing there. One veteran reportedly was threatened with a $10,000 fine if he didn’t delete a photo that he took of the goons.

The complaint also alleges that when the wife of one of the elderly veterans asked a doctor what was going on with all the federal officers the doctor replied that it was a “familiarization exercise.”

Since they filed the complaint, HRT said that their group has received several threatening phone calls whom they believe to be VA or DHS employees. Calls have come in blasting the organization and saying things like “VA does not need this type of exposure right now; bringing this up will not help veterans.” While other phone calls have threatened their staff with stalking and investigations and all of them have come up as blocked numbers.

Even though the OIG has yet to acknowledge the complaint from HRT, a spokesman from the San Diego VA Regional Office, Alejandro Mendi la Flores, verified that the FPS action did take place. He confirmed it was a part of Operation Shield for “presence deterrence,” however he said that the FPS and the VA don’t have to explain why it happened even if it did terrorize the veterans waiting for care.

He additionally stated that neither agency is required to give advanced notice or seek permission for such para-military exercises.

Mendio la Flores refused to answer any other questions regarding the incident, and the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs was asked for comment but was unable to reply.

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