Officers Force Way In Home, Slap Disabled Woman, Try To Grab Camera

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You would think that as virtually everyone has on them a camera at all times in the form of a cell phone that police abuse of power would be on the decline. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that way as two police officers were recently caught on camera warrantlessly entering a home, smacking a disabled woman and then trying to snatch the camera that was recording them.

According to Massachusetts law, as long as one has a camera out in plain view, they’re allowed to record police officer’s actions as they are public servants. After explaining just that, the cameraman, Richard Phillips, announced George Chandler – prompting a smile and wave – and Jon Verhaegen to potential viewers.

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At the time, it’s unclear as to why officers were there initially although later one officer was heard saying they were never there to arrest anyone. During the altercation however, it appears as though officer Verhaegen had just about enough of being recorded and decided to do something about it.

Viewers look on as Verhaegen commits the illegal act of not only warrantlessly entering a home violating the homeowners Fourth Amendment rights, but also assaults a disabled woman and tries to once again seize – without a warrant – material possession. Although this is mere speculation, it can be assumed that if the officer was successful in his attempt to grab the camera, he may have deleted the video, and in it, the evidence against him.

Phillips, so distraught after viewing the countless laws broken by officers hiding behind their badges, called 911 where he demanded to talk to one of the officer’s supervisors as well as declared his intent on filing assault charges. What do you guys think – is this kind of thing all too frequent these days? Let us know in the comments below.

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