Cop Fatally Shoots Handcuffed Bodybuilder, Doesn’t Face Any Charges

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Shocking footage has been released that shows the moment that a handcuffed bodybuilder detained by police was shot dead by an El Paso officer outside of the city’s jail.

Former Mr. El Paso, Daniel Saenz, was being dragged through the hallways, then outside of the jail, because the guards didn’t want to admit him due to a self-inflicted injury he sustained that caused extensive bleeding from his head. When the officers finally get the 37-year-old outside, the officers lose control of him and Officer Jose Flores ends up reaching for his taser first but then pulls his handgun and ends up shooting Saenz dead.

The incident happened March 8, 2013, and was released to the public by request of the El Paso Times after a grand jury decided not to indict Flores in any crimes.

Oddly enough, Flores made national headlines just weeks prior when he was caught on camera buying socks and boots for an 83-year-old homeless man.

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Saenz had been picked up by police earlier in the day after acting in a bizarre manner at a mental health facility and grocery store. Once he was in custody, Saenz “struck his own head into the doorway causing himself injury,” so the guards wanted him to go to the hospital to get his bloody head wound treated.

An investigation by Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) revealed that guards had been struggling with Saenz the entire time he was in custody. He had been tased five times prior that day before getting fatally shot. He was also able to get his hands to the front of his body while still cuffed, which officers say poses a threat to them.


Officer Flores drew his gun rather than his taser because he knew that Saenz had already been tased several times and it didn’t subdue him. Once his weapon was drawn, Saenz knocked the prison guard into Flores’s arm, causing the weapon to discharge a single round into Saenz’s should and strike his heart.

He was treated at the scene then transported to the hospital where he later died.

Saenz’s autopsy revealed that he had been using the popular bath salts that have caused many people to literally go insane while on them. No other hard drugs were found in his system.

Flores is on leave following the video being presented to the grand jury in February, however he will not face any charges and is expected to be reinstated soon.

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