Texas Teens Stab 14-Year-Old Friend 20 Times, Cut Throat Over ‘Problem’

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A Texas teen is barely alive after his friends brutally attacked him as he was walking home from T.W. Middle School, where all the boys attended.

A group of four teens, all aged either 14 or 15, stabbed Manuel Sendejas over 20 times with a screwdriver then savagely cut his throat before hitting him in the head with a rock on Tuesday in Dallas, Texas.

According to the police, when they arrested the four suspects only one of them actually admitted to the crime. All he would tell police is that they had a “problem” with Sendejas.

The teen’s friends left him for dead in a park after they finished taking turns stabbing him with the screwdriver. When he regained consciousness, he crawled to a nearby road and was able to get help from a passing driver.

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He was able to identify his attackers before he was rushed to the hospital, giving the police what they needed to make their arrests.

“He’s got stab wounds all on his body, all on his back. He had to get 30 stitches where they slit his throat,” the boy’s stepfather Jorge Castillo said.

Castillo also expressed what many of us are thinking s we read this.

“I just don’t know what would cause some little boys like that to actually act out in that kind of manner.”

The attack happened in a quiet park between the school and the homes of the teens. Police were able to quickly track down the teens who attacked Sendejas at their homes and arrest them all.

Castillo visited the site where the attack happened, and said “It’s evil to see the area, I was just looking at the blood, the rock, the screwdriver, God man, they are evil kids.”

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