Clown Annoys Woman, Gets Punched In The Face

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You have to be somewhat of an annoying person to want to dress up like a clown and act like a complete fool for attention, so it should have come as no surprise for this man when he got punched in the face for doing just that.

We’re not advocating for violence here, but how many times have you really wanted to punch someone annoying in the face? This woman actually did that in the video clip and it’s pretty awesome.

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A clown was doing whatever clowns do amidst lots of people who were probably just as annoyed with him as the lady who delivered the punch was. She just happened to have the balls to do something about it.


It’s one thing to be hired to act like a clown at a birthday party for kids, because then there is an expectation that said clown will be acting idiotic. But to do it in public, where everyone else is just trying to go about their business without having to be subject to the antics of a scary-faced clown, is something else entirely.

Do you think this woman was a little out of line for punching the clown in the face? Or did he get what was coming to him? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

H/T: Tell Me Now

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