Harry Reid Gleefully Cheers Patent Office Yanking Redskins Trademark

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The most vocal opponent to the Redskins team name and owner, Harry Reid, was seen on the floor of the Senate today cheering the Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to yank the team’s trademarks. He was joined by fellow Senate Democrat, Maria Cantwell, in lauding the government stripping a private business of its free speech rights, shocker right?

According to RollCall, Cantwell started by criticizing the Redskins moniker as a racial slur.

“We’re so excited to know that finally people are recognizing that this issue can no longer be a business case for the NFL to use this patent,” Cantwell said. “They will not be able to forcefully exclude other people from having derivatives of this logo or the name.

“This is not the end of this case, but this is a landmark decision by the Patent Office that says that the NFL team here in Washington, DC, does not have a patentable name, and that this is an offensive term, not patentable by the patent office,” Cantwell continued.

Harry Reid Trying To Limit Freedom Of Speech

Once she finished her victory lap, Reid took the floor and said “it’s just a matter of time before [Snyder’s] forced to change the name.”

“There are 27 tribes in the state of Nevada, Native Americans. The issue of the name Redskins is very important to every one of those tribes,” Reid said. “Every time they hear this name is a sad reminder of a long tradition of racism and bigotry.”

Reid then accused Snyder of trying to bribe one of the Nevada tribes with a car but his offer was refused.

“Daniel Snyder says it’s about tradition. I ask, what tradition? The tradition of racism is all that that name leaves in its wake,” said Reid. “The writing is on the wall. It’s on the wall in giant blinking neon lights. The name will change.”

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