Army Vet Banned From Saying The Pledge At College Campus

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An Army veteran attending the University of Wyoming is protesting the school’s student government policy of banning the Pledge of Allegiance being recited prior to their meetings.

According to Opposingviews, Staff Sgt. Cory Schroeder is a six-year veteran in the Army who served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was recently elected as a senator in the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming government and learned of their policy to not allow the Pledge to be recited because they’re concerned it may offend international students.

Schroeder thinks the policy is bogus, and rather than adhere to it he decided he’s going to combat the ridiculous ASUW policy even though he probably won’t end up winning the fight.

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“Multiple senators sat me down and said it was a ‘very touchy subject’ and ‘we don’t want to offend anybody,’” said Schroeder, who was told that if he wants to change the policy he has to write a bill that would designate 20 second before each meeting to recite the Pledge. However he doesn’t feel that would be a thoughtful solution.

“If you look at any constitution that governs a student body, there’s no law, there’s no bill that states you must give 20 seconds to say the Pledge of Allegiance and there shouldn’t be,” the war vet said.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that the school’s administrators can do to change the policy, even if they support Schroeder’s efforts.

The president of the school, Dick McGinty, who’s also a Vietnam vet, said “As a fellow veteran, but speaking for myself only, I would like for all meetings of student government to begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. But this is not up to me.”

He said that since the ASUW is an independent student organization, it has its own procedures and rules they follow, which he respects. “The ASUW leaders have indicated that there is a process they intend to follow, and I expect that they will do so.”

It’s not likely that the student government is going to change its policies unless Schroeder follows the procedures for them to do so, and even then the chances are slim.

This is yet another example of political correctness run amok in our educational system as a result of radical ideologies being instilled in the students.

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