Hillary Defies Obama, Says Child Migrants Should Be Sent Back Home

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Despite Hillary’s chances looking slimmer and slimmer at being able to pull off a victory in 2016, she is apparently still keeping up her political façade. In an attempt to distance herself from the countless poorly made decisions by Obama, Hillary has most recently defied the beloved Commander-in-Chief by saying that child illegal immigrants should actually be sent back home.

The astounding statement came about during an interview with CNN, where Clinton started out by explaining the massive influx of illegal immigrants is due to, “the violence in certain of those Central American countries…increasing dramatically.”

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Of course, the leftist leaning host, Christiane Amanpour tried baiting the former First Lady with your standard Liberal expectation by asking, “Should they be able to stay here?” She then further added, “It’s safer,” in an attempt to lure her along.

Shockingly however Clinton put an end to the intended destination by saying, “It may be safer, but that’s not the answer.” Going on the offensive, as any good host would do, Amanpour rebutted with, “So you’re saying they should be sent back now?”

Hillary danced around the inference however as she explained, “They should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are.” Furthering her point, she went on to conclude, “We have to send a clear message: Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay… We don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws, or we’ll encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.”

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There aren’t too many things that public pleasing Hillary Clinton and Conservatives agree upon, but this may just be one. It cannot be a good idea to reward those for breaking our nation’s laws. Only by delivering swift justice by sending illegal immigrants home can we hope to deter such crimes.

What do you guys think – was this Hillary saying more of what she thinks people want to hear or could this be what she believes? Let us know in the comments below.

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