Jesse Jackson Suing City For Implementing ‘Racist’ Non-partisan Elections

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While speaking in South Carolina at the Greenville Baptist Church, the Reverend Jesse Jackson announced his plans to sue the city over the recent change to its election process – they voted 4-3 in favor of changing to non-partisan elections and Jackson believes it’s racist. What a shocker.

According to reports, Jackson told the congregation that “It costs more to run non-partisan elections. It’s more difficult politically, and non-partisan elections make the process more difficult for minorities to win.”

For those unaware, non-partisan elections force candidates to do away with their party labels at the polls which prevents party-line voting. However Jackson believes that the new form of elections are nothing more than some sort of “scheme” to destroy minority votes.

“It’s nothing but an at-large scheme,” Jackson said. “You’ll have an all-white City Council come November if this stands.”

Apparently non-partisan elections aren’t the greatest thing for minority candidates, however it’s not because the city or anybody is racist. They apply the same rules to everyone, which isn’t discriminatory in the least.

Then again in Jackson’s world it doesn’t take much to be labeled “racist.”

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